Monolith Bar

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F-one Monolith Bar

F-one Monolith Bar 2017
45cm = 4-10m
52cm = 11-17m

A F-One bar for the Bandit, Breeze & Trust kites

Time goes fast, already more than 10 years ago since the first F-One Bandit was released, with corresponding monolith bar. Since that moment a lot has changed. The bar has been given improvements over the years and in 2017 F-One has come close to perfection. The 2017 Monolith bar from F-one has a lightweight construction. In addition, the Monolith has become more comfortable thanks to a double-layer grip. The 2017 F-One Monolith bar has a new aluminum body to make it stronger.
10 years of development with a high level of requirements!