Phantom FCT Foil

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The PHANTOM FCT line provides reliable, easy-to-use, and well-balanced foils that will bring riders substantial room for improvement. These foils are designed to glide effortlessly when pumping or connecting waves and prove themselves very agile and precise when surfing and winging.

  • Aspect Ratio: 6.0
  • Great for surf and freeride
  • Quick and easy planing
  • Pumping machine
  • Nimble and maneuverable

Available in 1280cm²/ 1480 cm² / 1680 cm²

Take Off: 100%  /  Pumping: 100%  /  Carving: 85%  /  Speed: 80%


Plane besteht aus: Front Wing + Fuselage + Stab + Werkzeug + EVA soft cover

1280: Alu-Fuselage 74, Stab R275 Surf
1480: Alu-Fuselage 74, Stab R275 Surf
1680: Alu-Fuselage 74, Stab R275 Surf


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