Discover the perfect synergy: F-ONE kite foils, boards & masts

Foiling represents an exciting revolution in water sports that is captivating sports enthusiasts all over the world. The ability to float over the water and traverse the surface seemingly effortlessly gives foiling a unique appeal. This sport combines speed, balance and precision in a way that redefines the traditional understanding of water sports. F-ONE sets a high standard in water sports with its kite foil. This state-of-the-art equipment blends seamlessly with the boards to create a perfect interaction. The F-ONE Kite Foil allows you to glide smoothly over the water for ultimate fun.

Unser F-ONE Sortiment: Qualität, Innovation und Leidenschaft

Discover our versatile F-ONE range that inspires kiteboarders all over the world. The F-ONE products in our range are characterized by outstanding quality, innovative technologies and a perfect design for kiteboarding.
Here are our highlights for you at a glance:

F-ONE Kite Foil:
A revolutionary design for endless gliding over the water.

Versatile kitefoil boards:
Whether beginner or expert, the F-ONE Pocket Kitefoil boards are available in different versions. This means that the right board is available for every skill level. The sandwich construction, which is also used for the twin tip boards, makes these boards light and stable.

High-performance kites
Stable, maneuverable and reliable kites that impress with first-class materials such as TECHNOFORCE 52.

Tidy kite bars: Our bars offer you intuitive handling, a direct feel to the kite and an incomparable riding experience.

Comfortable kite harnesses:
We guarantee you a secure fit and maximum comfort thanks to innovative features and an ergonomic fit.

Accessories for optimum performance:
From bags and vests to helmets - our accessories guarantee safety during your kiteboarding experience.

Our products are not just equipment, but an investment in a unique and unforgettable kiteboarding experience. Our passion for quality and innovation is reflected in every single product, so you can rely on maximum performance and longevity. Discover F-ONE and experience kiteboarding on a new level.

F-ONE PRO SHOP – your expert for kite foil adventures in Hamburg

F-ONE kite foils offer the efficiency, stability and control needed to give you breathtaking kite foiling experiences. Are you in Hamburg or nearby? Then we cordially invite you to explore our F-ONE PRO SHOP in person and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of F-ONE kite foils and boards. Our range includes a wide selection of boards, such as the Pocket or the Pocket Carbon, foils - including the IC6 950 V3 or the SK8 Foil and accessories such as the HM Carbon Mast 14 or the Carbon Mast 16. Our experts are at your side with individual advice to find the optimal equipment for your requirements, so that your kite foiling adventure becomes a perfect experience!

If you prefer to order conveniently online, that's no problem - from an order value of € 100, we will deliver your kite foil equipment to your home free of shipping costs. If you have any questions, please call us on +49 172 815 794 7. Our customer service team is also available outside of business hours and can of course be contacted by email at We look forward to helping you find the perfect kite foil equipment for your exciting F-ONE Kite Foil adventure.

Benefit from F-ONE kite foil equipment and enjoy many advantages

Kitefoiling, also known as kiteboarding with foil or hydrofoiling, brings you a lot of advantages that make it a fascinating discipline in water sports. With the high-quality F-ONE kite foil equipment, these advantages are further enhanced, because F-ONE always strives to offer you an incomparable kiteboarding experience.

Early planing with the F-ONE Kite Foil

Kitefoiling allows you to planing earlier on the water. The buoyancy of the foil lifts the board out of the water even at lower wind speeds, allowing you to glide quickly and efficiently.

Less dependence on wind

Less dependence on the wind is a decisive advantage of kitefoiling. With the F-ONE kite foil equipment, you can be active on the water without restrictions even in weaker wind conditions and enjoy your kiteboarding experience in a wide range of weather conditions.

Less strain on the body

Kitefoiling reduces the strain on the body, as the board floats above the water and impacts and vibrations are minimized. This makes the sport more accessible, especially for riders with joint problems or injuries.

Improved maneuverability with F-ONE Kite Foil equipment

The improved maneuverability gives you the opportunity for many creative moves and tricks. F-ONE kite foil equipment not only offers versatility, but also gives you the opportunity to practice kitefoiling in a variety of waters - from calm inland waters to scenic coastlines and the challenges of open seas. The innovative design of the foil allows you to glide effortlessly over flat water as well as over impressive waves, allowing you to enjoy the full range of the kitefoil experience in a variety of environments.

Pure adrenaline with F-ONE kite foils, wings and boards

The speeds you can reach with kitefoiling offer an intense adrenaline experience for adventure seekers. The combination of speed and the feeling of floating above the water is unique. With F-ONE kite foils, wings and boards, you will experience the pure energy and excitement that this fascinating water sport has to a unique combination of breathtaking speed, precise control and boundless freedom as you glide over the glistening water with F-ONE kite foil equipment.

Experience unique water sports adventures with F-ONE Kite Foils & Boards

In our extensive selection of F-ONE kite foils, kite boards, kites, bars and kite harnesses you will find everything you need as a kiteboarder, regardless of your experience level. Our goal is not just to offer you products, but to make your kiteboarding experience a unique and unforgettable adventure.

With an F-ONE kite foil, you go far beyond simply gliding on the water. You will experience the combination of innovative design, the highest quality and a passion for water sports that has gone into every F-ONE product. The perfection of every F-ONE Kite Foil becomes tangible as soon as you feel the gentle breeze of the wind on your skin and hear the lively sound of the water around you.