Rocket SUP DW PRO Carbon 18"

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Model 2024


SUP Downwind & Wing Foil Board

Experience the freedom of downwind foiling with the new F-ONE ROCKET SUP DW PRO Carbon 18" Foil Board. Thanks to the slim profile you get faster than ever before into foiling and experience it for hours and free to fly over the swell.
The ROCKET SUP DW PRO Carbon 18" is therefore also ideally suited as a wing foil light wind board. With it you will be able to use smaller wings and foils than with conventional wingboards.

  • Incredibly efficient and fast take-offs
  • Superb stability at all times
  • Immense glide and speed
  • Controlled front/back leg balance
  • Control and maneuverability even at high speeds
  • Deliverd with own boardbag

The ROCKET SUP DW PRO  CARBON 18" is designed to provide an early and efficient water launch in all conditions, whether in flat waters or the open ocean. The optimal balance between length, width and volume makes this board accessible to most riders and allows efficient paddling with high stability and is also very forgiving. The special shape helps to get back into foiling in case of unwanted touchdown on the water.

The F-ONE foils EAGL and SEVEN SEAS are particularly suitable for downwind foiling.


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