Rocket Wing

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Modell 2022/23

The ROCKET WING boards are the perfect wing foil board choice. Specifically designed to meet the needs of this sport, they are durable, dependable, user-friendly, and extremely stable.

  • Intuitive and performant
  • Optimized volume distribution with a new slight concave deck
  • Beveled rails and double concave for effortless take offs and touchdown recoveries
  • Responsive and maneuverable 


Größe Maße Volumen Gewicht Strap Inserts
4'4 132 x 53,5 x 8,1cm 40L 4,4Kg ja
4'8 142 x 56,0 x 8,7cm 50L 4,7Kg ja
5'0 152 x 58,5 x 9,4cm 60L 5,5KG ja
5'3 162 x 63,5 x 10,2cm 75L 6,1KG ja
5'5 165 x 68,5 x 10,8cm 88L 6,6KG ja
5'10 178 x 71,0 x 11,5cm 105L 7,2KG nein
6'0 183 x 76,0 x 12,0cm 120L 7,4KG nein
6'4 198 x 81,5 x 12,4cm 140L  7,9KG nein


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