Rocket Wing

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Model 2022/23

The ROCKET WING board is the performance board from F-ONE. Very light, stable and perfectly tailored to the needs of wing foiling, this board is the first choice for those who want to develop further in this sport.
The well-designed profile of the F-ONE ROCKET WING board gives a direct feel to the foil and ensures easy release from the water. The volume is optimally distributed over the surface, so that the water start succeeds even in wavy waters. It is forgiving and therefore also suitable for beginners.


Key Features

+ Intuitive and performant
+ Optimized volume distribution with a new slight concave deck
+ Beveled rails and double concave for effortless take offs and touchdown recoveries
+ Responsive and maneuverable


Size Dimension Volum Weight Strap Inserts
4'4 132 x 53,5 x 8,1cm 40L 4,4Kg ja
4'8 142 x 56,0 x 8,7cm 50L 4,7Kg ja
5'0 152 x 58,5 x 9,4cm 60L 5,5KG ja
5'3 162 x 63,5 x 10,2cm 75L 6,1KG ja
5'5 165 x 68,5 x 10,8cm 88L 6,6KG ja
5'10 178 x 71,0 x 11,5cm 105L 7,2KG nein
6'0 183 x 76,0 x 12,0cm 120L 7,4KG nein
6'4 198 x 81,5 x 12,4cm 140L  7,9KG nein


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