Eagle HM Carbon

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The foils of the EAGLE HM CARBON line are designed to bring you thrilling speed potential, incomparable downwind sensations, and everlasting cruising time above the water.

  • Remarkable speed and downwind performances
  • Unrivaled time above the water
  • Thin and optimized design for minimal drag

Available in: 690cm² / 790 cm² / 890 cm² / 990 cm² / 1090 cm² / 1290cm²  


Plane besteht aus: Front Wing + Fuselage + Stab + Werkzeug + EVA soft cover

  690: Monobloc Tail XXXS, 190DW
  790: Fuselage XXXS, Stab DW210
  890: Fuselage XXS, Stab DW210
  990: Fuselage XXS, Stab DW210
1090: Fuselage XXS, Stab DW210
1290: Fuselage XXS, Stab DW210


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