Magma Lobster Gloves

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MANERA Magma Lobester Neoprenhandschuhe 2.5mm

Collection 2024


Infos & Characteristics

For more freedom of movement in really cold winters, the MAGMA LOBESTER GLOVES gloves with 2.5mm or 5mm thickness are the perfect choice.

The MANERA team has developed this neoprene glove over many tests to provide the best possible balance between comfort and warmth. The LOBSTER shape, in which the thumb is separated from the other fingers, has proven to be the optimum pattern, providing a warm feeling with a good grip.

MAGMA LOBSTER neoprene gloves are light and comfortable as they have no superfluous fabrics or seams. Most of the fingers stay together and warm each other. The result is a much warmer feeling than with conventional neoprene gloves.

The new MAGMA LOBSTER neoprene glove is the perfect companion for your winter session on very cold days.



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