Magma Women Hooded 6.4 FZ - 2024

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+ MAGMA+ Fleece
+ Frontzip



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MANERA MAGMA 6.4 Wetsuit

6.4mm hooded, front zip, black
Kollektion 2024 / women



Infos & Characteristics

The MAGMA 6.4mm is made for cold and windy winter days. With this wetsuit, the MANERA team riders even go out on the water in Iceland, Vancouver or Sweden in winter.

The Magma+ fleece is one of the best currently available on the market: the fleece not only acts as an effective insulator and warmer, but is also extremely flexible, so that even the thickest suit remains very stretchy. It also dries 30 % faster than a classic fleece, so you will never have to put on a wet wetsuit again.

The MANERA MAGMA wetsuit is your choice if you want to surf through the winter.


Key Features